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More Poor Customer Service in Burleson, and It’s a Doctor!

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More Poor Customer Service in Burleson, and It’s a Doctor! Maybe I should be surprised but I am not. If it was the Burleson of old it would be one thing, but a lack of friendly customer service is starting to become expected. I remember moving to Burleson in 1979 and it was an absolute pleasure to do business with anyone in town. Everyone knew each other and it was just unheard of to be unfriendly. Not now! Don’t get me wrong, there are places like The Apothecary Shop, and well uhhh… The Apothecary Shop. I am stretched to think of anywhere else that you get great customer service with a smile every single time like Matt and the fine folks at the pharmacy.

But anyway, check out the feedback given to this Doctors office, and she is a shrink for goodness sakes. If someone knows a different side of Dr. Chichane Hanane MD, and her staff I am all ears. But if I may show “The Reviews”. I did leave the names off for privacy purposes, but 5 out of 5 reviews were scored the worse or poor, scoring basically a 1 out of 5 stars. With 1 being obviously meaning the worse. Now in the Dr.’s defense, a lot of feedback was directed to the front desk, specifically a particular person answering the phone, however it reflects bad on the entire office.

Review #1 (2 Stars)
Worst customer service! Jennifer at the front desk is loud and totally rude! My son missed an appt which he wrote down wrong. I called to ask for reschedule only to get you are getting dismissed. I ask to speak to the Dr Chichane and she refused to let me talk to her. I believe all they want to do is force meds upon the patient that cause more harm than good! All about the money!

Review #2 (1 Star)
Worst customer service ever.

Review #3 (1 Star)
I scheduled an appointment for my step daughter with Dr. Chichane and had to wait a month before she could get in. The day before the appointment, Jennifer from the office called me to confirm and had to leave a voice mail. I checked my voicemail the day of the appointment and called the office back as soon as I heard it. I was placed on hold, but the phone didn’t hold for long and I could hear everything that was said in the background. Jennifer and another woman proceeded to bad mouth me and couldn’t believe I was just now calling in… when they finally picked up the phone, I told them I heard everything and the woman started to defend the behavior and poor customer service. So, I cancelled my appointment and told them to have the doctor return my call. This was the worst customer service ever and I will never step a foot in that office.

Review #4 (2 Stars)
No Comment

Review #5 (1 Star)
WoW! And I thought it was just me having a nightmare. I went to her a while back and could not remember the Dr.’s name today, and wasn’t sure I had the right Dr. until I saw the feedback. OMG! I do remember them being very rude back then too. I know I have the right Dr. but screw that I am looking elsewhere. I had forgot all about that. Thank you all for the reminder. Just saved me money and a possible stroke.. lol. How in the hell do they stay in business? Please tell me they are not screwing anyone else up. Just another example of how Burleson has gone to hell compared to the friendly town it used to be. God help us.

I do love Burleson, Tx but it just ain’t the friendly town she used to be. It’s sad.

Please feel free to leave a message and report good or bad customer service you have received in Burleson. All Spam will be deleted.

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Posted by admin - July 23, 2013 at 2:30 pm

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